Hole Food Rescue Board & Staff (Back L to R: Annie Fenn, Len Purkis, Cynthia Hogan, Shaun Andrikopoulos, Sharon Schendel, Curtis Haderlie | Front L to R: Hannah Cooley, Jeske Gräve, Ali Dunford, Lori Roux)

Hole Food Rescue Board & Staff

(Back L to R: Annie Fenn, Len Purkis, Cynthia Hogan, Shaun Andrikopoulos, Sharon Schendel, Curtis Haderlie | Front L to R: Hannah Cooley, Jeske Gräve, Ali Dunford, Lori Roux)

Shaun Andrikopoulos Head Shot.jpg

Shaun Andrikopoulos | Board President

Solitude Management

Former top-ranked Wall Street analyst and successful CEO who helped pioneer the Internet industry and was at the forefront of the shale oil drilling revolution. 

Shaun now provides high-level executive and strategic coaching to business owners, CEOs and boards through his company, Solitude Management. He works with businesses ranging from start-ups to mid-market organizations and non-profits.  


Cynthia Hogan | Vice President

Hogan Family Foundation, healthcare

"Our family enjoyed living and working in Switzerland for 5 years where we skied and hiked the Alps.  As Switzerland is a small, landlocked country, and labor is very costly, waste of any kind is frowned upon. We adapted to a minimal waste lifestyle.   As a board member of HFR, I can pursue my interests in resource conservation, local food and healthcare. In particular, the intersection of fresh, nutritious food and good health".

Cynthia worked in the healthcare industry for 30 years in the US and Europe. She designed services for patients with chronic diseases, including medical reimbursement support and disease education.  Cynthia built new businesses around diseases such as respiratory, dermatology and eye care, and grew them to achieve nearly $1 billion in sales.


Len Purkis | Board Treasurer

retired CFO E*Trade 

"My reason for joining the Board is to raise awareness about food insecurity in this community. The redirecting of excess food is a unique solution to provide a nutritious meal to those that would otherwise go to bed hungry".

Len is a retired International Finance Executive who led three high tech companies, E*TRADE Financial, Iomega and Virtual Radiologic through their start up and high growth periods as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that, Len held senior financial positions at GE Plastics, GE Lighting and GE Capital in both Europe and the US.

Lori Roux | Board Secretary

Owner, Whole Story Productions 

“When I found out about HFR, it was one of those moments – ‘You had me at hello!’ I have now been a weekly HFR volunteer for nearly two years.  Seeing all the food we save and redistribute throughout our community is an amazing thing.” 

Lori worked as an associate producer and director for ESPN before finding herself in Jackson, WY in 2001. Her professional experience ranges from producing and directing to reporting and filming. Recently, Mrs. Roux has focused her attention on documentary style work for private clients and non-profits. She has been a contributor on several JenTen Productions including JenTen’s current production, Hearts of Glass. Her work is a three-time recipient of the Telly Award, and some of her projects are included in the Smithsonian Achieves.


Curtis Haderlie

Owner, Haderlie Farms organic produce

"As a farmer, I detest food waste. Our culture allows exorbitant quantities of useable food to go to landfills in the name of food freshness and ill advised safety concerns. Hole Food Rescue is filling a critical need by redistributing usable food and providing venues for awareness and education. I am honored to be involved in this timely and important endeavor".

Curtis Haderlie has been involved in agriculture, horticulture and organic growing for most of his life.He grew up on a dairy farm in Thayne, WY and as a teenager he built his first greenhouse where he raised various flowers and vegetables. He later graduated with a degree in Crop Science from the University of Wyoming. For the past 14 years Curtis, along with his wife Karen, has operated Haderlie Farms, Wind River Herbs and Wyoming Soaps on the family farm in Thayne. The farm produces organic vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, eggs, raw cow and goat milk, beef, pork, and lamb. Inedible food scraps from Hole Food Rescue are send to Haderlie Farms for livestock feed.

Annie Fenn M.D.

Owner, Brain Works Kitchen, PHYSICIAN, FOOD WRITER (Jackson Hole Foodie)

“As a practicing physician in this community for over 20 years, I have seen many families who don’t have enough to eat. Food insecurity leads to a myriad of health problems — infections, poor healing after surgery, preterm labor — that are mostly preventable. I joined the board of HFR to help with the effort to feed the hungry in our community, to repurpose excess food, and to help us all learn how to stop wasting so much food.”

Growing up in a Sicilian-American family in upstate New York, Annie attributes her aversion to food waste to her frugal grandparents who never wasted a scrap of food. She moved to Jackson in 1994 to practice obstetrics and gynecology, which she did as a solo practitioner for 6 years before opening the Women’s Health Center of Jackson. She retired from medical practice and now writes about food, health and sustainability. Annie collaborates with St. John’s Medical Center on the Brain Works dementia prevention program, teaching participants how to cook with the brain-healthy foods proven to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Sharon Schendel

After graduate school at the University of Miami, Sharon spent most of her career on Wall Street in human resources, ending with a position as HR Director at Sanford C. Bernstein. Subsequently, she volunteered her time while raising her two children in Connecticut. She was a board member for Horizons, a preK-12 academic enrichment program for underserved youth where she developed and taught nutrition classes.  Sharon also volunteered for an organization called Share Our Strength, a Washington D.C.-based program working to end child hunger, where she taught nutrition and cooking classes to low-income families in Bridgeport, CT.  Her interest in food and nutrition also led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City where she was certified in holistic health.