Help us to kiss hunger goodbye by supporting kids and families in need.


Who do YOU love?

Spread the love this year and support a good cause!
Your generous donation helps us provide healthy meals to children, families and seniors right here in our Jackson Hole community. 


What are my options?

Appetizer | $10/month

Your Gifts: HFR Bumper Sticker & Chico Reusable Produce Bag

Soup & Salad | $25/month

Your Gifts: HFR Bumper Sticker, Chico Reusable Produce Bag, HFR Trucker Hat

Entree | $50/month

Your Gifts: HFR Bumper Sticker, Chico Reusable Produce Bag, HFR Trucker Hat & HFR T-Shirt

Dessert | $100/month

Your Gifts: HFR Bumper Sticker, Chico Reusable Produce Bag, HFR Trucker Hat, HFR T-Shirt, Free admission to the Annual HFR Event & Chico Reusable Snack Bag

What gift am I getting?

5 Great Reasons to Give

HFR Fundraising Brochure-13.png

For every $1 you donate, HFR rescues $9 worth of food. 

Now that's a return on investment!

HFR Fundraising Brochure-11.png

HFR redistributes food to 23 nonprofits and organizations serving the Jackson Community. 

When you support us, you're supporting all 23 of our partners.

HFR Fundraising Brochure-12.png

We invest in food equity for all. 

We donate nutritious after school snacks and over-the-weekend food bags to low income children. We teach cooking classes to marginalized members of our community, and we provide groceries at no cost to our senior citizens.

HFR Fundraising Brochure-09.png

Each month, we rescue 20,000 lbs. of food from being landfilled. 

The sum of greenhouse gas emissions we prevent from entering the atmosphere every month is equivalent to 35,950 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

HFR Fundraising Brochure-10.png

Because we are a grassroots organization, and we need a village to make our work possible.


Looking for other ways to give?

Become a sustaining member OR give a one-time donation to show your Valentine you care about him/her and a good cause. Show your love to kids & families that are hungry this Valentine’s Day. HFR will make sure your love is spread to those who need it most!