In 2018, we rescued over 270,000 lbs. of food. Enough to feed 47 families for 1 year.

We’re proud to present our 2017-2018 Impact Report, detailing our impact on food insecurity, food waste, and the environment. We could not have accomplished so much without our incredible volunteers and generous donors.

every week WE rescue

Which we deliver to more than 1,000 residents in need


1 million

of Food Rescued

Since June 2013



in 2017


Food Donors

Year-round and seasonal

Did you know?

Food production in the U.S. uses 10% of the total energy budget, 50% of the land, and 80% of freshwater

yet 40% of food in the U.S. is wasted

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Our environmental impact

When we waste food, we also waste many other resources: water, fossil fuel, human power, fertilizer, money, packaging, time, love, and so much more.

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Source Reduction

We help our food donors reduce their excess food inventory by reporting how much we rescue from them.


Our main focus as an organization is rescuing excess nutritious food and redistributing it to our food-insecure community members who need it most.

Farm Animals

Anything we rescue that is unfit for human consumption we send to the animals of Haderlie Farms and the Lovely Homestead.


Any food the farm animals don’t like (e.g. citrus) goes directly into compost piles.


We put as little as possible (non-recyclable plastics, meat, etc.) into the waste stream.

Our Impact on Food Security

Through our food recipient organizations, we serve 1,000 community members every week.

Teton County Public Health conducted a Health Needs Assessment in 2015 and determined that 13.5% of our community members (more than 3,000) are food insecure. Nutritious, cost-prohibitive foods will help most our neighbors in need. The food we rescue and redistribute is primarily fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and artisan bread. We are determined to make quality food accessible to all in our community.

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Our Impact on Seniors

Hole Food Rescue started delivering donations to the Senior Center of Jackson Hole following the alarming stories of seniors physically unable to receive food through existing food assistance channels.

In addition to physical barriers, a deeply held aversion to using a food bank prevented many seniors from accepting help. We deliver around 200 pounds of vegetables, fruits, dairy, bread, and some dried goods to the Senior Center Monday through Friday. Seniors can then select and take home what they like. One client informed us that the no-cost grocery program we set up at the Senior Center has been “a godsend on a fixed income.”

We are proud and thankful for our partnership with the Senior Center.

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Our Impact on Youth

Hole Food Rescue started providing healthy snacks to the students at Teton Literacy Center in spring 2015.

Before our partnership, processed crackers and treats were the norm as Teton Literacy Center did not have sufficient funding to buy nutritious snacks. We now donate yogurt, melon, strawberries, blueberries, baby carrots, celery, and whatever other healthy snacks come through our doors to this free after-school literacy program.

Fresh fruit and vegetables have become the preferred food choice for many of these kids, stabilizing their energy, keeping their bellies full and increasing their attention.

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Find more food resources through the Community Food Map


Download our Impact Report

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