Our Mission

Hole Food Rescue's mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in our community.


We are pleased to announce our first ever Impact Report.

Thanks to all that made this possible the last four years, we couldn't have accomplished this without you! 


Ali Dunford moved to Jackson in 2012 and shortly thereafter found herself diving into local grocery dumpsters.

Day after day she returned to the dump, finding high quality, fresh-produce and other food items that had been discarded. After about eight months, Ali became fed up (pun-intended) with the amount of waste she was encountering and set out to find a better use for all this food. This led to our first partnership with the Jackson Whole Grocer to divert their excess product and also meant the end of dumpster diving ;-) Hole Food Rescue officially launched, June 24, 2013 and currently has six food donors that set aside the food that they can't sell because of blemishes, approaching expiration dates, bulk orders etc. The food we rescue is distributed to local organizations serving the at-risk, in-need residents of Teton County, WY.  In Teton County around 3,000 residents are deemed food insecure (2015 Teton County Needs Assessment), of those 3,000 residents HFR reaches 1,000 community members each week with nutritious food. 

Learn more about the food rescue model and how to start one in your own community! Visit Boulder Food Rescue's website and become a member of the Food Rescue Alliance today!

Our Values.

At Hole Food Rescue, we live by our five core values:

1. We show up
2. We have fun
3. We value our relationships
4. We hold ourselves to high standards
5. We go the extra mile 

Creating a more sustainable food system.

Hole Food Rescue distributes excess food to organizations serving the at-risk, in-need residents of Teton County, WY.  Participating food retailers set aside unsellable, yet edible, food products in designated areas for HFR volunteers to pick-up. Ultimately reducing the amount of edible food sent to Bonneville County Landfill - 101 miles away! - while creating more food security in our community.

Weather permitting, you may find HFR volunteers biking food deliveries around town with a HFR bike trailer.

With the help of 85+ volunteers, Hole Food Rescue diverts around 4,000 pounds of nutritious food on average to around a 1,000 in-need residents every week!

Good to know.

HFR and all donating businesses are protected from civil and criminal liabilities associated with donating food through the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act passed in 1996.

To find out more about the laws and liabilities visit Feeding America and Food Donation Connection

"Thanks to Hole Food Rescue our weekly 130 students at the Teton Literacy Center have access to fresh fruit and vegetables (...) our students are now full throughout their class and able to focus more on the academic tasks at hand.”

Laura Soltau, Executive Director, Teton Literacy Center 

Become a sustaining member OR give a one-time donation. Your generous donation helps us provide healthy meals to children & families right here in our Jackson Hole community. We envision a community in which no ones goes to bed hungry and we need your support to make this possible! For every $1 you donate, we can provide $7 worth of nutritious food to those that need it most.